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I was born in the land of Tango, my family ventured from Tuscany and now England is the country I live in, a country I love, and my home.  I find every day a wonderful journey, a journey to improve and create new possibilities in life – take on new challenges and learn new things. I started out in the early days with my passion for Music and Philosophy; I became a professional musician (whatever that means) a Music Educator, later on an Entrepreneur by opening my own Music Service, a Consultancy Business and now Property Investments.

Finally, I practice Buddhism and my family comes from Italy, yet I do not speak the language since I was born and raised in Argentina, and now England is the country I live in, a country I love, and my home. So here, I hope that gives you a brief summary about me, and that hopefully, we might have something in common.


Rico is a trained property investor. He currently owns a portfolio of properties in the midlands and is always on the lookout for further opportunities.


From Guitar Teacher to Property Investor, and a series of different ventures in between. Opportunities are everywhere. You don’t need eyes to see them, you need vision.


Rico Works with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, helping them discover what is it that they want to achieve, both in personal life, professionally, and other areas.


From doing his first 10k race to running 4 marathons and ultra runs within 12 months. Balancing my personal life with my children has been a great challenge and joy.